Pooping For Bernadette

Image: rear view window decal.
Text: "I'm only speeding because I have to poop."

Manteno communal narcissist and poopy-burner Bernadette “Bern” Cacca warns motorists why she peels out of parking lots and drives like she is drag-racing by plopping this decal the rearview window of her poopmobile. No, Bern you are not Running in the 90s. You just have the runs.

#PoopingForBernadette #PoopingForKaitlin

Bernadette Thinks She’s Running In Manteno.

Gothic Diana Ross gives her neighbor the side-eye.

“You know, Bernadette: You cannot exactly drift a car with your suspension out of whack,” Gothic Diana Ross says to her next door neighbor Bernadette Cacca, as she peels out her Manteno driveway for the zillionth time and veers to the side of the road, releasing an awful stench since her oil is running on fumes.

“Are you burning rubber, or are you burning poopies?”