Working the Streets

It is a beautiful morning in Kankakee. Sybil wakes up and checks her Fakebook page. “Five new messages? I wonder what they could be?

Sybil clicks the small notification icon toward the top of the Web browser. The page reloads.

“Pages like yours are being boosted. Reach 1000 users for just $10. Contact Fakebook Advertising Services today!”

“Hot dog!” Sybil exclaims, as if someone else is in the room to hear her.

“What a swell idea! I am going to take this to the next level,” Sybil thinks to herself as she plots her next scheme.

Sybil hops into her LeBaron and drives on down to the Bradley/Bourbannais area, near the exits off Interstate 57. She parks her coupe in an abandoned parking lot. Sybil dons her sandwich board and marches to the nearest street corner.

“If it can work for the mattress stores, then it can work for me” Sybil slyly thinks to herself as she flashes her sign. It reads. “HONK IF YOU LIKE WEB SITE ADS! I WILL MAKE ONE FOR YOU!”

People drive by, and they honk, but not for the reasons Sybil expect. They also extend a one finger salute and use words Sybil did not expect to hear, very colorful words in fact. Some of the male drivers even made proposals to Sybil, but not business proposals, and certainly not the proposals Sybil expected. 

Needless to say, Sybil went home without a single sale.

Poor Sybil.

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