Carrion On

Albion, Indiana shapeshifting vulture Carla Moran complains at her sister-in-law, fellow shapeshifter Sonya Moran, because she dropped a piece of carrion she has been eating:

 “You just dropped that perfectly good piece of rotted carcass. You shouldn’t waste food! Now you’re getting that all over your feathers.”

“Umm, do you think I did it on purpose? I’ll wait…” Sonya claps back.

“I am just trying to help!” Carla gaslights.

“How bold of you to assume I did that intentionally. I bet you never dropped anything in your entire lifespan!”

“Okay, okay, okay, drop it already.”

“I will!”

Sonya steals her sister-in-law’s food right out her mouth, dropping her entire meal all over the ground at the Albion park, much to the dismay of her controlling sister-in-law and that of all the residents below.

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